last day of little things….

monday december 10th will be the last day of my exhibition at you who have stopped by and sent emails. i learned that facebook isn’t really the best way to invite people, so next time i’ll send a proper invitation. please come and have a beer and tell me what you think of the show. i hope to see you there.

“the prize at the end of the maze”

yes, that is what someone said to me yesterday, after winding her way thru the maze of denim, ties, leather goods and assorted itemsĀ  at this year’s mostly have stuff from my collections. there are paul rand items, 19th century chess sets, olivetti packaging, my 1927 swiss army bike, and of course staplers. all for sale. my daughter’s there too, selling totes with her artwork, cookies, pickles and pound cake, all made by mom in alabama. please come and take a look a say hello. it’s here.