is it not wonderful when a letterhead says exactly what the company does, simply by its design? i guess this isn’t really designed, is it? that’s an issue for another post altogether. ‘specialist in perforating machines;’ yes, indeed. have you ever had the opportunity to specify perforations? believe it or not, we have, many times. there are specific machines that perf in different units, and finding the right one for your job is important. we would frequently perf a brochure so the pages with turn easily. so many details. this letterhead certainly doesn’t fall within my ‘modern’ letterhead design collection, but it’s still worth sharing. we’re all familiar with postage stamps being perforated, but you might not know that early u.s. stamps were not perforated and are thus called ‘imperforate stamps.’ the u.s. government would distribute these stamps for other companies to make their own perforations. the varieties are endless and within the stamp-collecting world adds another level to collecting. a quick read here can give you some idea of its depth. i have many letterheads that fall in my category of illustrated letterheads but not many have engravings of factories and the like. i try and confine my interest to the more typographically interesting ones. keep an eye out for my others.