so much comes across my desk—what happened to a paperless society? i save too much. from the street. from the mail. torn from magazines. often these bits are pinned to my wall in front of me. this particular photo is one of the few times i recorded my wall collage. i remember where I found some of these items; others I don’t. the large “sud” is a page from an amazing type specimen book i will be sharing with you soon. it has special meaning for me since “sud” means “south” in french and i’m originally from alabama. my partner and spouse is from new york and, from time to time, i wish we had named our firm “nord & sud.” the handwritten numbers are a xerox from a perfectly with the other items? sitting on the desk is an issue of typographische monatsblätter devoted to piet zwart. the p and black square was zwart’s personal mark. the red envelope is actually the most perfect shade of red and was bought at bell’occhio in san francisco. there is a page from a polish journal highlighting the czech avant garde and poking out from behind the large “e” is a label from the olivetti company designed from the ’50s which happens to be addressed to paul rand no less. to the right is a page from jan tschichold book, designing books, wittenborn, 1951. i bought a copy that was falling apart so many of the pages wind up pinned to the wall. i have since moved our studio and my desk now looks out the window. therefore my wall compositions don’t occur as regularly but instead are pasted in books. my own art. i’ll share these, too.

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  1. I’ve always loved this!

    Comment by marvin — 21/05/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  2. Keep ‘em comin’ JP. Thanks for the details.

    Comment by Andy — 21/05/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  3. The good old days. I’m glad you have this picture. And so glad you save all of the things that you do.

    Comment by ABBY — 21/05/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  4. Excellent!

    Comment by kindra — 22/05/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  5. Nice to see that wall was documented, JP.
    Seeing it brings back memories.
    Thanks for sharing all your precious bits.

    Comment by yael — 25/05/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  6. This is fantastic, so is the bit of Bauhaus philosophy, a few posts below.

    Comment by k eliot — 26/05/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  7. I’ve had severe JP Williams withdrawal this past year, so thank god for this blog. I’ll be here often.

    Comment by Joanna — 26/05/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  8. oh my goodness what of the amazing four tier tape dispenser?!?

    Comment by donna — 27/05/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  9. What kind of tape dispenser is that? I want one!

    Comment by Rob — 27/05/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  10. your space is great! I’m a designer from Sydney Australia and wondered where your lovely tape dispenser is from..


    Comment by lox+savvy — 29/05/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  11. beautiful type for inspiration…and matching tape!

    Comment by Kimberly — 03/06/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  12. Loving this. Thank you.

    Comment by annkent — 04/06/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  13. funny – as i first so the picture (in another blog), i thought it’s a part of an installation in an exhibition hall.. only as i started to read the text, i realised that what i thought to be the floor is actually a surface of a desk.. :)
    imagine, this would look great 2 m high.. an idea? ;)

    Comment by ieva jansone — 12/06/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  14. Thanks. That was great, now where is the bookmark button

    Comment by Byrns — 21/06/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  15. where you did get that AMAZING tape dispenser. i have some neon gaff tape that needs a home like that!

    Comment by Ashima Jain — 04/09/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

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