peter black

aka piet zwart. there is little doubt that the work of doors down was what I thought was a book store but turned out to be the auction house scheider henn. coincidentally, they were having an auction featuring bauhaus-related materials. needless to say, i was pretty excited. i was able to view many of the lots and there was a group of items from holland, including this simple brochure for the door manufacturer bruynzeel i am sharing today. zwart did a great deal of work for bruynzeel. there is so much to this little jewel. the lower caseā€”no surprise i like that. the transparency. the use of color. all combine to make a rich experience for a mundane subject. there were several other items in this auction which i will share another time. enjoy.

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  1. Hello, really really nice brochure. I hanker after Zwart things too. I wonder if anyone might know what typeface that is on the cover title?

    Comment by Jane — 13/04/2010 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  2. love this! thanks JP.

    Comment by marv — 14/04/2010 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  3. i love his work and the complex personality he seemed to be.

    Comment by jokemijn — 21/05/2010 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  4. Just looking around and found your site – thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Francis Jeffry — 19/05/2011 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

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