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i didn’t follow the tour de france. i don’t know much about cycling and i don’t own a bike. (actually that not true, i’ll clarify in another post.) however i do love the fixed gear bikes I see in the city. one thing that is for sure is that  i am a sucker for type. i love the type on these shirts. i was shopping, a profession for many here in nyc, and something i don’t do as much of as i once did. i found these shirts at just loved these shirts, i couldn’t resist. they had all the right ingredients. color. type. variety. uniquness. when i see typography like this, i categorizes it as found type. my find. i guess these shirts are from late 60s or early 70s. i wonder how much ‘design’ time was spent on these. certainly brands like rugby and abercrombie spend a great deal of time mining this genera. i have one more that is the creme de la creme but I gave to a friend to photograph years ago and he can’t find it. when he does I’ll be sure to add it for your pleasure and mine.


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  1. Wow, these are fantastic. I think many cycling companies have and still do take a great deal of time in designing their products. What I always admire in the design process for cycling companies is the attention to detail in both aesthetics and function. Rapha seems to really be making a name for themselves these days in doing precisely this, although I think many would say that not much matches the look of “vintage” pieces.

    Comment by S.Lemon — 05/08/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  2. “incredience” ? is this a new word JP, as in
    incredible-ingredients? ;-)

    Theres something about that very upright, utilitarian euro font, isnt there… And in combination with the decorative seraphed fonts… different types of communication vibing off each other?? a pleasing tension?
    anways- it sure beats lycra

    Comment by David Neale — 06/08/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  3. I am a cycling fanatic, ex racer and lover of all things on your site so I couldn’t help but weigh in on this post. I actually still wear wool jerseys when I ride – some old, some new – for it’s the best material. And the design is usually better – more tasteful – due to the limitations (cannot screen print) and respect for the old, wool jersey aesthetic. As for the typography, it IS and was considered. These are corporate logos. The riders are mobile ads. So they are never done haphazardly. And cyclists have always been fashionable – perhaps the most of all athletes – so that was a consideration as well.

    Anyway, hope this info helped.

    Comment by Brian Miller — 01/02/2010 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

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