hidden jewels


this collection of bookseller labels was bought at auction many years ago. i usually recall what i paid for most everything i buy but i do not remember what I paid for this collection (which may mean i paid too much). this was the beginning of my bookseller labels collection. they are little jewels of typography. the play of typefaces, sizes, colors and breadth of originality is enormous. these are extremely hard to find. there are quite a few collectors of these jewels but i do not rate a phone call from a dealer when a collection becomes available. i have heard of one collector in holland who has thousands. this particular collection contains about 30 pages from a book long since fallen apart. i believe it was put together at the turn of the twentieth century. i have spent time looking through old books in hopes of finding an old label or two. often someone has beaten me to it. usually on the inside back cover there is a spot, lighter than the rest of the page where a label once resided, long since discovered and placed in someone else’s collection. enjoy!


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  2. So beautiful! Just discovered your blog and (as a collage artist and former librarian) am enjoying it very much. Thank you for sharing your wonderful collections.

    Comment by AnitaNH — 22/08/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  3. thanks for your comment. really appreciate the support.

    Comment by admin — 30/08/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  4. This is an excellent post, and a wonderful blog. I’m new to your site, but as die-hard book collector I’m very impressed. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Johnny — 01/04/2010 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  5. This collection is a treasure trove of intelligently gathered items – all glorious. It’s an inspiration for me as a designer to discover, looking forward to your posts. Very many thanks

    Comment by two associates — 20/05/2010 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  6. So, from one collector to another, are you interested in parting with them?

    Comment by BL Clark — 12/01/2012 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

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