an odd collection


one of my favorite fairs to attend is the great paper chase in pennsylvania.(july 18th) it is next to a great farmer’s market where you can have a terrific lunch, which is not the case at most fairs. at this fair you see just about everything. there are many postcard dealers, specialists in political ephemera, in halloween ephemera and poster stamp dealers. the poster stamp is an odd category but extremely popular. more on this another time. in walking this show i’ve come across some remarkable items and this collection is truly the oddest i own: cigarettes. a few dozen cigarettes frozen in time in glass tubes. it appears these cigarettes date from 1900 to the 1920′s but i’m not completely sure. i was and still am intrigued by this, yet another of my “collections of a collection.” brands include benson & hedges, raleigh, tareyton, doublets, english ovals and there is even spud imperial. not sure if that brand would sell today. i love the careful way that the collector housed his collection by cutting the cork and adding a little red ribbon so as to retrieve the cigarette if necessary. each cigarette has such wonderful typography. sometimes the type runs the length of the cigarette. phillips morris’ logo is rendered in a stippled typeface. luckily, it seems interesting typography can be found anywhere.


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