step and repeat


repetition. i love when someone has amassed a collection of a particular item and pasted it down in a book. in this case, it’s cigar bands. i’m not usually attracted to tobacciana but I find that I have several such collections: matchbox labels, old cigarette packaging. this wonderful album of cigar bands was collected by hazel wagner and is dated october 30, 1907. there are 30 pages of wonderful examples, many using stone lithography and lots of gold, which seems to the main requirement. my jennifer aniston pokies father smoked cigars and whenever i smell a cigar i think of him. however i never saved or collected the bands. frankly, they weren’t as nice as these. i believe there used to be the international seal, label and cigar band society but i could not find it. i didn’t try too hard except for the quick google search but I did locate the cigar band museum which might be worth a visit if you’re interested. enjoy another one of my collections of a collection.



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  1. Oh my, this is quite a find. I’m a bit crazy about repetition too. These are so beautiful they’re like little jewels, or like mini wrestling belts, depending on how you see things!

    Comment by Anna Betts — 08/06/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  2. They do look like mini wrestling belts! I am so pleased to have found this blog, it’s like coming home to the mother ship.

    Comment by Delicious Industries — 08/06/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  3. I had a collection of cigar rings, pasted into a book in a similar fashion, when I was younger. Might have to go looking for it.

    Comment by S.Lemon — 08/06/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  4. surprisingly beautiful, esp in this format. your collections are really inspirational.

    Comment by k eliot — 09/06/2009 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  5. hi i have big and old collection bands of cigar for sell, if somebody want buy, my mail:

    Comment by monika — 06/05/2012 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

  6. wow they’re like tiny little championship belts for boxer barbie!

    Comment by anak — 14/02/2013 LINK TO THIS COMMENT

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