i mentioned that i worked at wolf olins for a summer, years ago. it was through a friend of mine, simon johnston, who made the connection there for me. i met simon in basel where he was studying at the basel school of design.  i was with my classmates from rhode island school of design. our teacher, franz weiner, who had attended sfgbasel, took a group of students to visit and do similar but abbreviated assignments, meet the teachers and visit notable design spots. i loved it! i relished everything but the brussels sprouts. i tried to keep in touch with simon over the years and i was excited when he started the magazine octavo, along with mark holt and hamish muir. hopefully most everyone is familiar with this publication. it was beautifully produced and had wonderful articles; i cited one here before. i was excited to visit their offices on endel street. often, when simon was not working, which was not often, we would eat at centraila (an extremely cheap italian hole in the wall) and talk about design, book collecting and english football. i have many fond and treasured memories. anyway, here is something you most assuredly have not seen: the letterhead for the magazine. the design is straightforward, clean, simple and says what needs to be said. often not the case. however, what is missing, and what you can’t experience, is the paper. it is light as a feather, a 10-pound typewriter paper. i have no idea how 8vo was able to get someone to print on it. years ago, i printed on a similar weight parchment and it took three days to print twenty thousand sheets. the printer, daniels in everett, mass., was super but not happy. as i have mentioned before, my letterhead collection is my favorite and i don’t often get a chance to add to it. simon visited a few years ago and presented me with this example. another treasure.

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